The day Pye stowed away in the RV chassis for 150 miles. — 10 Comments

    • Thanks! I was going as fast as 65 mph. Her fur wasn’t even a little singed so she had to be away from the engine and tailpipe. No grease, but really dirty feet (and she’s an indoor/outdoor kitty to begin with). I drove slowly as I went to the dump station a few hundred yards away, and when I hooked up the tow car – she had time to find a good hiding place.

      I have to crawl under the RV soon just to find out where she hid.

  1. Wow! She’s as bonkers as you!

    You’re gonna have to get one of those wheeled inspection mirrors they use to check under cars…

    • So true, Andy! Every time I ask The Universe why they sent me a bonkers kitty, that’s the reply I get – because I’m bonkers, too. I suspect I’m to learn more tolerance and patience. *sigh*

      I like the inspection mirror idea!

  2. Maybe you get one of those remote-controlled beepers like people attach to their keys and fix it to her collar? Then you just press the button and listen for the beep 🙂

    • LOL! That’s actually a really good idea, Coop! For a while now, I’ve wanted one of those “pet cams” that affixes to the collar. They’re about $100. But a key finder, while not as fun as a kitty collar camera, would be great for finding her! She’s got a bell on her collar, but if she’s holding still, or if it’s really windy, I can’t hear it.

    • Hi, Alex! Welcome!

      In a way, I’m glad I didn’t know she was hiding under the RV while I was driving – it would’ve freaked me out and greatly changed my plans. If I had found out half way to my destination I would’ve just parked it, crawled underneath to look for her, and waited – even if I was in the middle of nowhere. Glad we both made it safely to the island!

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