Press. Kind of.

Don’t get too excited, I’m probably using the term “Press” loosely.

Links to some of press, publicity, and published works are below. (I don’t think the TV show ever came to fruition.)

I wrote a regular series for Yahoo! about my wacky RV adventures for several years, until they canceled their contributor program. Several of my goofy roadside findings have been published by one of my favorite websites, I’ve been in a couple RV commercials, and Yahoo! News has published a couple other articles of mine. Every now an then someone threatens to put me in a reality show. It hasn’t happened yet. (Links to all are below. Contact info is at the very bottom.)


TV commercials

  • Best of the Bay TV commercial for See Grins RV (There are several spots on the site. I’m in the first and last, maybe others.)
  • Bay Area Bargains RV Edition (UPDATED: It’s about 22 minutes long. I still haven’t had time to watch it all, but my friends said I was near the end. This version may include my spot, or maybe I was cut. Ah, fame. It can be so fleeting. LOL)


I feel faint.

It looks like I will have a short segment on an RV TV show/series that will air in Northern California beginning in January, 2012.

*blond lemming faints*

UPDATED 6/2012: I have no idea what’s happening with the RV show. Not sure if any episodes have even run. I’m still in a couple of their commercials. My, my, fame sure is fleeting.

*blond lemming is now feeling fine*

UPDATED 12/2012: I was contacted by a production company out of Canada about being on a reality show about full-time RVers! I submitted the requested video and am waiting to hear back.

*blond lemming faints again*

UPDATED 6/2013: Hmm. No progress on the RV show as of April, and no word since.

*blond lemming is now feeling fine again*

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Just wanted to be clear.

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