A friend recently asked what I mean when I say “cat-herding” in my bio. (If you have cats, or manage a group of people with diverse goals, you may already know and can probably skip this part.)

Cats, by nature, do what they want, when they want, and how they want. And never together as a group. Ever. With the exception of a few magical people who can potty train their cats (what planet are the from?!?!?), you can’t get cats to do anything, and trying to get two or more to do the same thing, or go to the same place at the same time is virtually impossible.

So “herding cats” is a phrase used to describe a difficult task, generally in reference to an often vain attempt to gather a group of people who are hard to organize.

A good example of this is trying to get any more than four of my relatives to agree on one type of restaurant when going out to eat. About half of the group will be offering up a wide variety of choices, and the other half will be vetoing every single one. An hour and a half later, no one has agreed on a place to eat and three of us have fainted from hunger.


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