Tales From The RV Park: Kid steals golf cart – It does not end well — 4 Comments

  1. 🙂 that could have been me the first time I was turned loose in a golf cart at 57.. almost ran over the guy we were buying it from. Hoping life is treating you well.

    • Oh no! But that’s also funny, since no one was hurt.
      Yeah, too many kids speeding around in golf carts and ATV crossovers in this park. Sometimes management puts a stop to it, but not often. It’s not safe to walk around here with your pets when the kids are racing around like it’s a track.
      All is well here, staying safe and healthy so far. I’m wearing a mask in stores and disinfecting my purchases. May be overkill, but I’d rather be considered paranoid than be sick!
      I hope you are safe and well, too!

  2. Pictures of you wrapped in a towel or this never happened. That’s how it works on the interwebs

    • Hahaha! I’m sure it was quite a sight! A wet, pissed off woman, wrapped in a towel, yelling at a kid. (I hope there are no pics or video, but I’m sure someone took some. It was midday, and there were witnesses to the crash. My yelling started moments later and I’m sure it was not pretty.)