The Life of Pye: A Tale of Two Kitties — 10 Comments

  1. Yeah, our current kitty, Chuck, doesn’t take to other animals very well. Best to just leave her alone. She regularly puts our 85 pound German Shepard in her place. On more than one occasion I have removed outer kitty claw layers from the dogs nose. Good thing the dog doesn’t care. She just wants to play. Kitty says NO!

    Enjoy your new friend!

    • Aww, poor doggie! I’m still hoping they someday do get along very well. There are little signs here and there, but most of the positive signs come from Sugar.

  2. It will take a bit for them to get use to each other. But they’ll do it, it was world war 3 in here when we brought a second cat to add to the mix, but at least bringing him home, brought the kitten we’d gotten the month before that refused to come out of hiding if we were in earshot.