Ten Random Things About Me — 6 Comments

  1. You forgot to add you are a wonderful person who has many followers that enjoy sharing in your many life adventures.

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  3. I enjoy your blog, so (what the heck) I’ll share something here.
    1. I live on a chassis too, there are 3 continental US states that I haven’t been to, I’m currently changing the chassis I live on to a Vintage Airstream that I’m rebuilding from junk.
    2. I’ve brutally heckled Hercules.
    3. I’ve made love on one of the seven hills of Rome as the Sun rose over Saint Peters.
    4. I may , at any time, be telling Tall Tales.
    5. The truth will always win out, even when its more absurd that the lies people would believe (maybe).
    6. I’m not a cowboy, I’ve had to deal with those cow things- and I just say nope! I’ll play on the net instead for a living and fire up the grill cooking something from the store.
    7. I’ve been thrown out of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (at a Dragon Con) for “making fun of the movie”.
    8. I had to archive an AI I built called Faerie Nessa, as I didn’t want to pay for the dedicated server she grew into.
    9. I was a ballroom dancer (back in the 90ies – it wasn’t that cool then). I gave it up when I no longer had any hotties to dance with.
    10. I like to drink wine sometimes on my down time and browse RV blogs, I know “Bad Travelfalbes”! (especially to teetotaler gals) Its not like I’m going to work on code or drive somewhere when I do that.

    • Thank you for sharing, TravelFables!

      I’m shocked to hear you were thrown out of Rocky Horror… ‘making fun of the movie’ is part of the experience! When we dressed as the characters and yelled back at the screen (very MST3K!) in Santa Cruz, we also drank in the theater (underage, of course). We never got thrown out. What has happened to this world if you can’t even make fun of a classic cult film like Rocky Horror?!

      I hope #3 isn’t one of those covered by #4. 😉

  4. The Rocky Horror thing was really mostly about someone giving a penis-less dweeb a walkie talkie and a security badge at a con, hence turning them into a little Napoleon.
    I think they got better with that at Dragon Con – I hope so.
    I never went back to that con though.

    And Yes Rome was good to me. I need to go back someday.