Mollie Lost Her Nipple In Purgatory But I Found It — 18 Comments

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  2. Crash a castle?? Dude, you know how to keep an audience interested!!

    Before you mentioned those signs were feet I thought someone had just planted a whole load of carrots.

    • It’s someone’s home, built kind of like a castle.

      HAHAA! I went back and looked at the photo – and I totally see the carrots!!

    • A local resident and I were driving to see the sites, and the nipple. He didn’t have to point out which of the many mountains it was – I spotted it right away and started laughing!

  3. Wow, they went all high tech with those signs, huh? Glad you were visiting such classy sites.

    And that prison sign is priceless.

    What I need to know is . . . did you try to eat the bacon? Because, well, it’s bacon. So, you know, nom nom nom.

    • The dinosaur feet cartoons are too funny. Yup, that’s me – classy.

      Since visiting the museum we’ve been debating the edibility of the bacon. It still looks really good – and it is bacon.

  4. Cool! Are you going to Montezuma’s Castle? We honeymooned in Sedona back in 95′ and that was one of the historic sites we visited. I love that part of Arizona. So many great places to see

    • Oooh, I didn’t know about Montezuma’s Castle. I’ll have to look it up. Thanks for the tip! I can’t wait to see Sedona – I’ve heard so much about it. And then there’s Route 66!

  5. Gosh,I taught in a penitentiary and I wish it had a cool name like purgatory! I love the dinosaur foot prints…makes them seem like that might have been cuddly!
    I hope you packed food for the trip!
    I agree…you have to get to Sedona…beautiful.

    • Got to love a jail named Purgatory. Well, I guess the inmates probably don’t care for it.

      You’re right – the cartoon footprints do make them seem like they might have been cuddly!

      Plenty of food, but Mrs. Tuna commented there may be snow on the way to Sedona. Yikes!

    • Rats. I’ve been watching the news, but they say nothing about Arizona. Now I’m scared. I no likey the snow – unless it’s far away on mountain tops, looking pretty.

      Thanks for the like back! 🙂

    • I love RVing. Just do it! It’s an amazing journey and there are amazing people on the road!

      Yeah, that bacon is still calling me!

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