Get Your Kicks On Route 66, Part One — 17 Comments

  1. If those ‘sculptures’ -and I use the term losely- were any cheesier I’d need an extra cholesterol pill. That one with the mannequin looks like it was made of play-doh, in the dark.

    • ‘need a cholesterol pill’ LOL! That shop was waaay out in the boonies, several miles beyond Holbrook. He was pretty much the only thing out there. Old cars were parked in the lot to make it look like he had customers. I felt kinda bad for the guy. He thinks the mannequins will help sell rocks. I’m not so sure.

    • Thanks! I can’t believe how many goofy roadside attractions are out there! I’m might be seeing about half of the stuff I pass, maybe less.

  2. It actually looks the woman in the dinosaurs mouth is much more comfortable than the dinosaur itself! I love your quirky adventure…and only hope you make a soundtrack at the end of all the songs you list and also rock a suitcase full of stickers from all the places you see.

    • She does look kind of happy, doesn’t she?

      I’m collecting little magnets of my trip. I like your idea of making a soundtrack of all the songs! I wonder how I could avoid the copyright police?

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I really hope to give people an idea of what it’s like in a town, or what the goofy sites are like.

  3. She’s not the only one! I love coming back here! I have some photos of myself next to random things I see when I’m out of town–and they’re the BEST to look back on! You’re saving me all the trouble of travelling! (LOL not REALLY that happy about it :))

    • They are the best! The goofy sights around the US always make me laugh. I’m collecting little mementos from my travels, either fridge magnets or those flattened coins.

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