Standin On A Corner In Winslow Arizona — 27 Comments

  1. Back in the late 60’s the place to get a good home cooked meal was a little diner in Winslow. The old guy that ran the place was as crabby as they come and if you weren’t polite it would be a long wait for your meal. But if you bit your tongue and waited the reward was worth it. Best meatloaf and chicken pot pie you could ask for.

    Looks like the little burg has grown up a bit.

    • We asked the woman running the Route 66 store and she recommended two places – the cafe at the Quality Inn (it was good!) and Bojo’s. That seemed to be about the only two places that were open.

      There was a steady stream of folks stopping to take photos. You could make a living out of charging .25 cents to hold the cameras of the tourists.

      • Easy to tell how long it has been since I’ve been in the town. If you wanted to find a bed for the night the closest motel was Flagstaff. Of course that was before the Interstate. The road through town was still a 2-lane know as Hwy 180. Long time, no been there!

  2. I lost my rear mud flap at the Painted Desert near there after touring the Petrified Forest on the way to La Grange with a short layover near Dallas to build a Healthcare project!

    • Ruh-roh. I recently met a couple who lost the entire engine door of the back of their Monaco (or was it a Newmar?). It just blew off in a tunnel. Hope there was nobody behind them!

  3. Helluva teaser! 🙂 Had to read on… I gotta admit I was a little disappointed it wasn’t some random harley rider you met and had dinner with, but the story and the corner still rock! 🙂

    • The strangest thing was neither of us knew the other was in Winslow. He knew I was in Sedona, and I knew he was in New Mexico (got to love Facebook!). He’s also kinda cute and I’ve had a little crush on him for a while so it was fun.

  4. Sex sells. I clicked the link thinking you actually did get cruised by a random fellow traveler!

    • Hahaha. Heck, if he was as cute as my friend, I’d have gone to dinner with a random stranger, too. 🙂

      And if my friend wasn’t on the fence about his current relationship, more might have come of his stay. Alas, nothing much happened.

    • There is something about that corner – the rest of the town seemed rather quiet (what little of it I saw), but that corner was buzzing with a constant flow of people taking photos. I’d do it again. And maybe even get another date out of it! LOL

    • Ooh, I should ad that to my list. And maybe Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Audrey was eating some kind of pastry, wasn’t she? Oh, yeah. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is now on my bucket list. LOL

  5. Wow, for a minute I had to wonder…hard…about the guy watching you! Great power of seduction you have going on. I love hearing about your journey. I have met a friend a few times in Winslow, great place; I can’t wait to hear about the Grand Canyon!

    • It was a cute little town, and quite popular with the camera-bearing tourists. I’m going to try and turn the Grand Canyon video into a meditation piece (if I can find some good, copyright free music). I think you’ll like it!

  6. I had been to Winslow once two years ago and it is definitely a peaceful little town. I also had my picture taken at that street.

  7. We love hearing about your stories…and giving us the view from out there, beyond the fences…our very own Marco Polo!….Take Care…

    • I know! Maybe on my next trip. I head out for Arizona’s Route 66 tomorrow, Seligman, Kingman, and then Lake Havasu and Quartzsite. You should meet me at The Slabs… lots of good blog fodder! 🙂

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