Huge phallic rocks, fertility gods, castles, and vortices. Love, Sedona. — 25 Comments

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  2. Sorry… I am now scratching ‘that.’ Don’t blame me for the undue influence of the Power of Suggestion.

    Apparently, Montezuma’s Revenge was that he made people build him a castle in the middle of a rock wall and then never showed up.

    Not often that a Flaccid Phallus is rock hard. Must have happened when you walked by. ;o)

    • ‘Not often that a Flaccid Phallus is rock hard.’ LMAO! Damn, I wish I’d thought of that line.

      Thank you for the compliment. 🙂 Not sure if I can be responsible for the hardness of the flaccid phallus since I don’t think his one eye was facing me. But maybe he has heat-seeking vision? *grins*

  3. you seem to be having some kind of experience in sedona, though i’m not sure it’s a spiritual one. ahem.

    sers, you’ve totes inspired me to visit this place. no like, i’ve actually started researching it.

    • I certainly did feel “something” in Sedona. hehehe

      It’s a great town, really touristy, but great. The people are super friendly and the food is great. The place isn’t cheap – and this is from a Californian.

      I’m in Lake Havasu now, and I can’t say I like it as much as I liked Sedona. It’s not as touristy, and the stores are more like what I’m used to, but some of the folks aren’t as friendly and the scenery isn’t as interesting. But, in Lake Havasu’s defense, it is hard to beat a flaccid phallus. Pun not intended.

  4. That’s my old hometown!

    Now I live in Los Angeles. Talk about culture shock.

    This blog looks awesome. Can’t wait to get caught up on it.

    • Welcome to my little spot on the web!

      Oooh, yeah. HUGE culture shock – I’ve lived in LA so I know what you mean. Yikes.

  5. Hi, I loved Sedona. To me it was like a a red rock forest. Seeing various views traveling around before and after were spiritually freeing. Although it was a bit pricey I really enjoyed the place. Oh, Lake Havasu is much more populated, as in the summer it gets really crowded with people and HIGH POWERED POINTED SPEED BOATS. 80{)

    • I also liked how much there was to do there. Right now Lake Havasu isn’t very corwded – it’s the beginning of the Snowbird season. I hear spring break is a big draw, too.

  6. I love Sedona. I am almost sure you are educated enough now on “rocks” and fertility gods to teach a high school sex-ed class!

    • Yikes. I can’t imagine teaching sex-ed to anyone under 18. I have enough trouble trying to educate the occasional boyfriend. *grins*

    • Good thinking! That didn’t occur to me and I got really close to the largest one in the world. Should I be worried? I really don’t want any baby Kokopellis.

  7. Hi Kernut,
    Wow, that’s a wonderful view from the first photo. Sedona looks like a nice town to visit and I’m curious to know how spiritual I would feel there. I’m also starting to like rocks. That castle carved out of that huge wall of rock is amazing.
    Funny about the rock figures and their names especially the last one.:)
    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day!

    • Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, Sedona is lovely. And I didn’t know if I would feel spiritual there or not, but I did. The people were amazing – very nice. I think you would like it – go if you ever get the chance!

  8. Hey. Sorry it’s been a while since I dropped in, but I was just catching up on your exploits and it looks like you are having a hell of a time. Crashing a castle, dinosaurs, living an Eagles song and phallic rocks . . . sounds like wicked fun! I’ll check back soon to see more of your awesome tripping stories. 🙂

    • I am having a great time. Not much for cell service, and I’m borrowing someone’s internet where I’m at now. Coming from Silicon Valley, the lack of those two *necessary for me to function* items is a bit daunting.

      More great stuff coming – as soon as I get back to full internet!