There’s a pyramid in Arizona. I don’t think the Egyptians built it, but what do I know. — 14 Comments

  1. Today he would be labeled as just another prospective terrorist. I’m surprised Arizona hasn’t tried to deport his remains.


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  3. Curiously, stef and i were walking through a vintage store in Benecia a couple of weeks ago and two old timers were lounging in back discussing that very topic about the camels.

    • I love it! What a small world, eh? I think that’s a sign you and Stef should check it out on your way to N.O. And I do hope you’ll blog about your adventures!

  4. Your style hasn’t changed, young lady; it still rocks! Sorry I’ve been AWOL. but life gets in the way of bloghopping sometimes!

    • Thanks, Darlin’! Nice to see you at my little spot on the webs! No worries, I’ve been in the same boat… I feel awful I haven’t had much time to bloghop. I miss knowing what’s going on in everyone’s world.

  5. I can only say…I am so glad you live here! Keep on traveling and making the world a touch more brilliant. And bringing to light people like Hadji Ali and those small treasures we overlook.

    • Hi Mrs. T! If I can trade in my car for a towed/toad in time, I’ll be back in AZ in mid-January for the show in Quartzsite. Then I’ll beheading slowly east. I would love to get together again when I get near Phoenix.

    • Arizona is lovely! Lots of great pictures already posted on this site… look back over the last month for more about Arizona.