London Bridge is not falling down, and there are lighthouses in Arizona, but no fog. — 13 Comments

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    • I’m waiting for the nekkid man, too. Err, I mean nekkid man pics. Yeah. The Sacred Laptop, with the pictures, is currently being worked on. *fingers crossed for a fabulous outcome*

      I’m not sure why no fog, but temperature sounds good to me. BUT, a Lake Havasu City rep commented about the lighthouses, and they are not only cute, but functional. (The comment is posted below.)

  2. Well, this week seems to be full of firsts. For the first time, a city I’ve written about commented on the post. Lake Havasu City, Arizona is on top of their social media mentions. Way to go, LHC!

    They offered some more information about the lighthouses: Lake Havasu City, Arizona posted on Kernut the Blond’s Wall.

    “Hey Kernut, thanks for the great blog on Lake Havasu City! To answer your question about the cute lighthouses, they actually serve as navigational aids, are U.S. Coast Guard approved, and keep people from crashing into rocks, etc. Plus, they ARE darling! Here’s more info if you want to check it out

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