Travels with Checkers, the RV co-pilot who can’t read maps. Yet. — 17 Comments

  1. Wait, now I’m confused. Does this cat watch movies? I hope the answer is no, a yes answer kinda kills the fantasy.;)

    Whoa, settle down Snookie!

      • That’s hot!

        Speaking of hot i’m at the FOY, I used the spa for 5 hours, i’m a prune. A certain untamed bikini clad body was conspicuously absent.:(

        I will report back about the 7pm gathering.

        Lost in the Wild,


        • I am SO jealous! Glad you made it to FOY!

          My spa experience here? Fighting for women’s rights at the Elks Lodge because the men are bullying and intimidating me (and other women members) into staying out of the gym. One jerk two weeks ago was the last straw. This camel is a force to be reckoned with when her rights are abused. He will find out tomorrow when the new signs go up in the gym.

          But I do wish I was at that nice spa we all went to… the one that didn’t discriminate. *sigh*

  2. Our family Siamese was a horrible traveler. He’d yowl the entire time, so consequently, he never went anywhere with us except to the Vet.

    I had to move with him once and that was a major test. My buddy and I drove a Ryder truck from Cleveland to Albany NY, while towing my Honda behind us. My buddy’s job was to keep the cat calm, but unfortunately, the only place he would be calm was when he was sitting directly under my legs as I drove. It was not an easy trip. We probably should have just put him in the Honda.

    • ‘We probably should have just put him in the Honda.’ LMAO!!

      In a car, Checkers sits in her carrier on the passenger’s seat. However, I have to have the top open, and constantly pet her to keep her calm. She used to have a sister who was THE WORST to travel with. Buttercup would get Checkers all worked up. Buttercup never made a sound until she was in a car or getting a bath. Then it sounded like she was being strangled. I’m sure the neighbors loved me.

  3. Hi Kernut! I’ve been dying for a Checkers update. She is the sweetest kitty. How are you? Where will you be for Christmas? Seen any big balls of twine?

    Write when you can.



    • Hi Feng! She is a great kitty! How is your baby? Haven’t yet seen the big ball of twine, much to Checkers’ dismay. I’ll send you a message about the rest. xoxo

    • The lack of a towed vehicle is my current challenge… got to sell the Toyota and get a towable, preferably 4WD, before I can go back to the desert. Until she learns to read maps, I’ll have to drive around in circles until I find my way out of Nor Cal.

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  5. Being not entirely insane, I travel with Hoody’s Horde as infrequently as possible… but on Mina’s trip to Dr. Snip-Snip, I learned she doesn’t mind the car UNTIL YOU PARK. Then she starts screaming.

    • She knows. It’s not the ride that’s bad – it’s the destination of Dr Snip-Snip’s office. She totally knows.

      But that’s better than screaming all the way from northern to southern California – twice. With two screaming cats. I’m pretty sure I was sane before then.

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