Guest Post: A Holiday Letter From Da Kitteh — 14 Comments

    • I had to look up O.D.B. and Wu-Tang. It should now be apparent I don’t get out much.

      LOL Speak is da language of da kittehs, but not realy da rapperz. Unlez da kittehs iz also da rapperz. See for the funny kitteh pikturs.

  1. Ol Dirty once changed his name to Dirt Mcgirt. I’m just helping you out here in case you get a million dollar rap trivia question. He also once hooked up with Mariah Carey and she sang about it, good pull for that fool.haha

    I think LOL speak and ebonics are very similar. lol

    Good Night, I’m out, biking back to da slab hood.

    It’s Dirty and it’s stinking,

    • ps. Merry Christmas. The story was great, I can actually visualize the cat typing it. Checkers also made no mention of watching movies. I find that interesting.

      • I think you’re right, ebonics and LOL speak are closely related.

        Hope you had a safe trip back to da slab ‘hood, free of snakes, scorpions, and giant tarantulas.

        Merry Christmas to you, too! Tell Chuck “Merry Christmas!”, too.

        • Made it back in one piece. Chuck says Hi and Merry Christmas. I’m working on the skype thing. Chuck claims there are other things that are free also, I don’t think I will post any of those here as they’re kinda weird.

          Shout out to Checkers.

          God made Dirt and Dirt don’t hurt,
          Hiker Mike

  2. Thanks for the great Christmas letter. I’m working on my kitty-speak but currently have to settle for writing in standard English (more or less). We love Kernut’s blog and read it every chance we get. Have a wonderful Christmas and a spectacular 2012!

    • Iz ok. I’m still lerning teh English. My hooman iz vera happy to hear you lyk her blog. She sends teh luv and hugz.

      Merry Catmas, Zaki!

  3. I swear your kitteh is ghost writing all the Facebook status updates I see from my teenage nieces. OK, kitteh’s spelling is probably better.

    Merry Christmas, Kernut (an kitteh). Hope Santa finds you where ever you park.

    • Mah hooman sez im liek 3-yer-old kid. I finkz im moar liek teenagr – an u jus provd mah point. Thx!

      Merry Catmas 2 u and yurs!

    • Dude, do you hate your kitty? Shit, after Buttercup disappeared, I eventually got Checkers a kitten. She seemed lonely without her sister around. I was very wrong. She did not like Tigger at all, a cute polydactyl.

      At least I got her another cat. Maybe I should have tried a puppy.