I Thought About You Naked — 18 Comments

  1. Happy New Year, dear Kernut.

    Rest assured that there are thousands of nice West Coast men that have no idea what they’re missing, and if they did, they’d be eating their hearts out.

    Here’s to a happy and fulfilling 2012.
    bluzdude’s last post ..Calendar Boy 2012

    • Thank you, my dear Bluz!

      I guess there are, but it’s probably hard to hit a moving target. Now, one who could travel with me, and has the means to do so, would warm my heart.

  2. I figured since I was reading this post again I would check in. OMG I just watched somebody start their BBQ with gasoline. WOW!

    anyway, properly. I will never forget this word.
    succa punch’s last post

    • I totally get it. Sometimes that’s just easier. I’m better off when I’m not hoping and end up being disappointed.

    • Thank you, Darlin’! I would have Frenched you right back! I hope your New Year is also full of love and happiness! xo

  3. Sorry I missed this. I sort of go into hiding this time of year. Wish I had been there for you. Tessa loans me out to her girlfriends for hugging and squeezing purposes on regular basis. I know she would have approved you for a New Year’s Eve HUG. Sending one, now.
    Fred’s last post ..We Don’t Say “Retarded” Anymore