He told 700 people, ‘I just spent the night with Kernut!’ — 11 Comments

    • That would be lovely, but you never know. I’m not so good with the long-distance thing. 🙂 But it’s nice to know someone is interested. Well, someone who can put two sentences together and isn’t married.

  1. When you make it to Q, I will be within a days drive of you, at least until the end of January. I think by my posting a comment, you have access to my private email. As I have no way to contact you outside of the public forum, could you drop me a line? I will attempt to have my ego deflated by then from being a blog topic. No guarantees though.

    • I don’t know how famous my blog will make you, so you may want to hold off on inflating the ego.

      I hope I make it to Q in time for the start of the show, but I’m beginning to suspect The Universe has other plans for me. I must sell the Camry and get a towed before I can get back out on the road. The Universe may have other plans as this is going a bit slower than expected and other things are starting to happen to change my plans for Q.

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