I Found Zombies In A Ghost Town – The Apocalypse Beginneth — 14 Comments

  1. Ok. you need to listen close. Do Not watch any and I mean any of “The Hills have Eyes” movies. nice work on the intro. when you get time you could voice over your part again. my aging PC barely could pick it up. Very interesting little town though.

    • Ok, no “Hills”. Thanks, I kinda like how the intro came out. It could always be better, but it’s pretty good for a first start.

      Probably won’t try to do the VO a seventh time. Had to do three clips at least two times each. Then attach each to a piece of film, then ad those combined pieces of film to the others.

      That’s why I thoughtfully included the short script šŸ˜‰

  2. I love the intro and exit too but yes, it is hard to hear your voice. What a fun look into your journeys! I am glad you made it out with your brains! Molly’s Nipples in Purgatory…sounds as if it might need a rating! Haha!

    • Sorry about the voice thing. I recorded three pieces at least two times each. It will be better next time for sure. (I hope! LOL)

      HAHA! I hadn’t thought of Mollie’s Nipple needing a rating.

  3. I loved that video! THAT is EXACTLY the type of tour I love. Anything to do with old train tours or small scale train tours. The last one I did was a ride through Royal Gorge in southern Colorado. It goes under the Royal Gorge Bridge which is the highest suspension bridge in the world. It’s a 1000ft high. You can walk or drive on the bridge too.
    Looks like your trip is off to a great start!!

    • Aww, thanks! That bridge sounds great! I’m going to add it to my list. I am having a great time! Wait until you see what I post next!

  4. You have a great camera. That’s the most important part of making videos. Windows Movie Maker is not bad. I still use it for editing video. I use something called Audacity for editing voice over. It’s FREE. Of course, the most important part of audio recording is the quality of your microphone. I still use an old condensor microphone, but these little web cams have nearly as good quality now.If you’re using a web cam mic, make sure the house is as quiet as possible. My PC fan is loud as hell, so I have a recording studio with a quiet little laptop in there. But, I would just use the web cam mic for most things, if my PC weren’t so damn loud. Nice job, here.

    • I’m using the Flip. It is good for the cost, and the sound is good on it, too. Unfortunately, much of my video needs VO as there’s to much background noise when filming. I think my web cam mic has issues… it’s soooo quiet. Maybe I need to change some setting somewhere.

      Thanks for the great tips!! *scampers off to download Audacity*

  5. too cool. this is perfect for this time of year. now i want to go on a ghost tour. and steal all of the snickers bars out of my brother’s trick or treating bag.