The Life of Pye: Puss in boots, one year later. — 7 Comments

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  2. It might be a good thing she’s not interested in bugs and tad poles, Squeek is a mouser, will go outside, catch a bird, a bug, a reptile, and bring it to me still alive. There is nothing like waking up in the middle of the night and stepping on bird parts, or watching a mouse escape in the house. Then there is the lizards tail, still twitching dropped ever so nicely on your foot.

    • Eeeeww!! Lizard tail on the foot!! Not good. I used to have two cats that would hunt in unison. They often caught squirrels and mice that way. Unlike Squeek, they wouldn’t let me near the poor thing so I could rescue it! They’d drag it under the deck and eat it! My sister’s cats would hunt snakes when she lived in Colorado. The very first time they brought one home, and laid the black snake on the white carpet she thought it was a kids toy. She went to pick it up – and stopped just before she realized it was real!!

  3. Harley can’t get out here, because I live in an enclosed complex. She makes do with what’s in the house. Has always been obsessed with plastic grocery sacks. Licks ’em, nuzzles ’em, lies on ’em, and if there aren’t any out, pesters me crazy. I call them her “joy bags.” So, there are usually some adrift on the floor. I can’t open the door without it looking like I’m some awful slob. Embarrassing, if someone’s within sight range. Hey, blame it on the cat! (Yeah, sure.)

    • LOL! I have odd cat toys scattered about my living room floor, too. Pye gets bored with any toy after a while, and then moves on to looking for another toy. Her latest favorite “toy” is a small cardboard box that used to contain tea packets. She LOVES the little cardboard box almost as much as she loved those boots above! It’s barely big enough to fit her head, but she shoved her head in the other night. It was the cutest thing! I grabbed my camera, but wasn’t fast enough. It would’ve made a hilarious photo!