The Life of Pye: Two Cures for Cat-induced Sleep Deprivation — 7 Comments

  1. Also, have you tried tin foil? I’ve found it scares the bejeezus out of cats. For a while, anyway. I used to put it on furniture I wanted my Scaredy-Cat to avoid. Terrorizing. One morning I got up and found her sleeping on it. In any case, it sounds like the call of Luv has solved the problem. (She is spayed, isn’t she?)

    • I used wide, clear tape for the areas she liked to scratch, but then she just found new areas to scratch. I got very tired of having tape stuck on all vertical surfaces around my house.

      Yes, she is spayed. There will be no Tasmanian Devil-cat offspring.

  2. I enjoyed reading your cat story. When I started my travel trailer journey, my cat did the same thing. Hollered all night and keep me awake to the point of making me crazy. One night I had enough and tossed the cat out. He loved it, but then would holler to come back in. I was able to open an outside hatch and an inside lower cabinet so he could come and go. Perfect solution for both of us.

    • Hi Roswell! Sounds like you have an RV, too. I don’t have any that go through, but have heard of folks making modifications. I’m curious, did any unwanted critters, like raccoons and such, ever use the “kitty door”?

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