A Large Peace Pipe in the Minnesota snow. — 4 Comments

  1. Hmm. Probably easier just to go to your local head shop. Or is that an archaic term? (And — God forbid — am I also giving my age away?!)

    • I didn’t go in, but that little store with the large peace pipe in front sells pipes. It’s probably not a “head” shop, but a store with Indian crafts.

  2. And while we’re on the subject of snow, how well I remember it from my eastern childhood. The steep, icy driveway in New Jersey. Walking home from the school bus stop to face it — in view of the other kids — hitting that ice and falling on my arse day after day. (What’s worse, we’re talking adolescence here.) Until I got my secret weapon — cleats on an elasticized band. Slip ’em on your shoes discreetly — and it’s as good as walkin’ on water.

    • We had a moment of rain here today. What continues to amaze me about Texas weather is how it can be pouring rain, and it will still be 85 degrees out. WTH?

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