You can lead a horse to water, but some horses would rather have beer. — 5 Comments

  1. How well I know that feeling of hopelessness, until a person hits their bottom (losing everything, family friends, shelter, etc..note here, everyone’s bottom is different, no pun intended) they will not be ready to take the first step, which is the hardest, admitting to ourselves and others we have a problem.

    Took me having to give up my kids to their father, putting myself on the streets of Long Beach CA and reaching the point of either blow my brains out or do something about my problem, I told myself like I’ve told others who were contemplating suicide, pick the one person you love the most and go tell them they don’t mean enough to you that you want to die, I didn’t have the guts to go face my children and tell them their mother wanted to die. That was my bottom,I self committed to a rehab and haven’t looked back, the 2 other girls in the room I was in, were rolled up and kicked out as they went back out. January 2014, I’ll be old enough to drink in sobriety.. 21 years, I think I’ll celebrate with some sparkling grape others have been jail or eating out of trashcan’s, some just simply can’t stop, it isn’t a matter of will power. it’s a matter of believing in something more, like the book says a higher power of your understanding, My husband’s bottom was 5 rehab’s and jail over the holidays to realize that his way of living was poison, He’ll celebrate 16 years in January.

    I hope your friends, can find their bottom, and go the only direction there is from there, up.

    • Hello, Carmen! Thank you for sharing your story! I love your advice to yourself and others, ‘pick the one person you love most and go tell them they don’t mean enough to you…’. Powerful stuff, and a line I will be using from now on. It will be 13 years for next January, too. 🙂

      Two of those I mentioned above have lost everything, and one, like you once were, is homeless in the Long Beach area – last I heard, anyway. He could be dead or in jail. The other, once a dear friend, is lost everything. Then he slowly started to get some of those things back – and in some cases they were better than before, like his job. He thinks he’s making his kids a priority by not going to meetings. I tried to tell him how wrong that was. For him, alcohol comes above all else, but he still won’t admit it. Too proud, too suicidal.

      Thank you for sharing your husband’s story, too. It gives me hope that some of these folks can hit bottom more than once, and still make it back alive. xo

  2. Beautifully said. It brings to mind some lost souls I’ve known. May they find their way back to the path. We’re all worth it.

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