Stonehenge In Texas? There are also some big stone heads. — 5 Comments

  1. Someone should do a Stonehenge replica, only use the little 2′ versions, like they did in Spinal Tap. They could probably set it up in an hour or two.

    • I think I’ll make one for the yard in front of my RV. Then I’ll put my cat in it, shoot photos from a close angle, and write a post called “Catzilla Attacks Stonehenge in Texas”.

      I’m sure people will believe it.

  2. Stonehenge? In Texas? I think my walls are warping…Either that, or my mind. Still, it’s probably as close as I’m ever gonna get to the real thing.

    • I think there are some “Stonehenges” nearer to you. Mind you, they may not *look* like the original. But, hey, it’s like you said. *A* Stonehenge is better than no Stonehenge.

      But don’t make the mistake I did: Make sure you get a photo of yourself laying on the Slab of Sacrifice. I neglected to do this and now must go back. Goofy photos are a must whenever possible on trips to see Cheezy Americana.

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