How to kill Bugzilla, my once well-groomed rommate. — 10 Comments

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  2. Sugar ants (it is so ladylike nice for you to call them that) are not the smallest Lone Star critter. The Eutrombicula alfreddugesi is far smaller and far more irritating. You may know the the bug by another name.

  3. Are you sure you weren’t over-thinking it? Why not just swat the bugger with a magazine, or boot or something? Your boot shouldn’t be too toxic… Depending on what you’ve stepped in recently.

    • Ah, but I did try that last time, and he ran out from underneath (see previous post on Bugzilla). A commenter on that post pointed out that roaches have collapsible spines. Yikes! Another mentioned that not even beheading will kill them.

      But apparently being covered in DEET and spending some time in Tupperware will do the trick!

  4. Keep the cat inside. ….. The cat will protect you, or at least keep you awake to look for the critter!!!
    Did you know that where there dares to be one cockroach, there are uncountable others you can’t see or find, except unexpectedly?
    They don’t ‘crunch’ nicely, and squashing them makes a mess. I suggest you put boric acid powder in all the places the cat can’t walk or reach, such as behind the microwave, and inside the cabinet doors and drawers, etc. In Texas, all of the Ace Hardware stores will know exactly what you are asking for, even if it has a more sophisticated name.
    If the cat is outside at night, put some of that tacky, sticky flypaper along the walls, and edges of the cabinet. In the morning, you can drop the long strips of tape into the trash, along with the writhing, wiggling little nasty bugs. LOL (Go, Kernut, Go!! :-))

    • Thank you for the tips, Becky!
      I doubt Pye will protect me from a big bug. I don’t know why I think that, but it might have something to do with her starving when she was a wild park kitty. I’d watch her try to catch bugs at night. When she finally got so hungry she let me get close to her, she was skin and bones. Not much of a hunter, that one. Doesn’t even know what to do with a live minnow trapped in a bowl. Seriously.
      I will try the boric acid. My grandmother used to use that for ants… and I have those, too.
      Hugs, and see you at the coast this winter!

  5. In my last apartment I abandoned one whole wall of cabinets because of a huge black spider who lived inside. Scared the crap out of me. All my food got crammed into the cabinets on the opposite wall. Seriously. I’m not making this up.

  6. Hi Kernut,
    Bu ful Kit tt tay somethin like one o mine. The way i first saw you is revisiting things i love like the “comedy pet theater” and a
    guy not far from where i live invented an course of his own called squirrel circus com it involves bungee cords and corn cobs in cages.
    See it on u tube. In the meantime I have a habit i developed allways putting the cretures outside. I catch em quick. Born in Bklyn N.Y.
    but grew up between there and Louisville, K.Y. Anyhow my first bug experiences was catchin spiders and I did not want any in my jar
    except the black widow. I was five or so when that and bumble bees were the thing. Took one in the house in a jar and mentioned to my Aunt who said thats no black widow and laughed. Then I held up the jar and said look at the underbelly at the red hourglass that tells you it is. Then she started screamin get that thing out of here etc etc. then another time my cousin took me to a vimpire movie and I came home & thru a rubber bat and my Aunt went nuts again. Poor ole Aunt Manie. Sometimes when riding my bike down the driveway there way a scorpe in on the side of the house by the door and Grandma showed me how you sweep it away with the broom. The only bug I really respected was a pinching bug that was on the sidewalk one day. I was bout 11 at the time and started teasing it with a pensil when it snapped my pencil in two. That is when i said bye to the pincher bug. Ants I find do not like to cross paths not that they wont just dont like it. So wet yer finger example vinegar draw a line it may keep them off your food a moment or so. Then throw the peels outside so they can plan to eat out. When I was bout 12 the baby pool I used for a dark sea adventure. I made a boat out of one of my Aunts hair spray lids and glued match sticks including a sail. And I had a model aircraft carrier. I put black Soilder ants on the lid boat and honey bees on the carrier then made them collide. I was an odd bord kid and not too spiritual at the time.
    Now i try not to hurt a fly. I like your R V ness and have been thinking about it lately. Most places where I am do not want cats at all in their rentals. And I get sea sick too, was considering a sailboat with 4 feline crewmates in little life vests. Cute but id probably be chummin more than i would like. Any R V ideas and advice let me know. Love the squirlatrail & Pye is hot yo! Yer bud Helen