Bugzilla, my new roommate. — 19 Comments

  1. Laughed so hard at this — mostly ’cause I have been there done that! Maybe even at same campground!

    • OMG! This should never happen to anyone, let alone two people! I’m afraid to sleep in my bedroom. The least Bugzilla could do is pay rent.

  2. Only one thing left to do… throw a saddle on him and ride him until he drops! I think they give you a buckle for that… sponsored by Raid.

    • I’m considering keeping him as a pet and play-buddy for Checkers, provided I can catch him. I think I could make money as a carney, selling tickets to “see Bugzilla, the well-groomed roach!”

  3. Sadly, roaches will live for a week of two after a beheading. They die because they starve to death. Or so I’m told….

    • Dude, I hope you’re making that up. F*&#, they’re worse than zombies – at least zombies die when you behead them.

  4. Ewww, I moved away from flying cockroach land. It ran from under your shoe because they have COLLAPSIBLE SPINES. Spray doesn’t work, feet don’t work, they live above you in the trees, and they always win. I could tell you more, but I’m scared now.


    • Collapsible spines?? Like snakes?? Crap. Chuck commented they may live for days after beheading… until they starve to death. I’m screwed.

    • Welcome, Mitchell! Thank you for the compliments!

      And thank you for the heads-up about Stacey’s link. I fixed it. If you’re looking for her page, it’s at I think she’s even hotter than she was a few years ago. She’s still super funny and really sweet.

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  9. After spending the last year in Texas, I will tell you this: If you pay a lot of money to a professional exterminator, the only roaches you will see will either be dead ones or almost dead ones. (Except for the ones who sneak in through the water drains and come up in your shower or sink.) The spray that they use takes 3 hours to work so they go thro the poison and then they get to come in and die in your air conditioning. All you have to do is pick up the remains.
    Other than that, the only way is to get the **** (choose your own swear word) out of Texas!!