Life In Malibu – Celebrity Encounters — 4 Comments

  1. I lived in Palm Springs many years ago — many celebrity sightings. The basic unspoken norm was to pretend you didn’t see them if you didn’t know them personally or if they didn’t acknowledge you first. It was all about protecting celebs’ privacy — but that was long ago!

    • It was the same in Malibu – pretend you didn’t see them. In all the time I lived there and all the celebs I encountered, I never once saw one being asked for an autographed, being photographed or chased by paparazzi. It was all very civilized and low key.

  2. Maybe Pam Anderson covered her face because she wasn’t wearing makeup when she saw you on the beach. She might have been worried that you would whip out a camera, take her pic, and she would wind up on the front page of a tabloid with the caption: “Shocking Photos of Celebs Without Makeup!”