And now there’s a mouse in the house, err, RV. — 4 Comments

  1. As my Dad used to say, “If it’s not paying rent, it’s gotta go.” We used the traditional “snap” traps with peanut butter bait and they worked like a charm. One snap and it’s done. Of course, that will leave ‘you’ to dispose of your former tenant.

    • If I charged rent for all the beings that lived with me at one time or another, I’d be a very wealthy woman. My hope was Checkers would earn her keep by chasing away giant bugs and rodents.

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  3. Hilarious post. I loved the way you addressed the US Library of Medicine’s unpolished advises to avoid getting a Hantivirus. I loved reading your article and I hope you can post more like these. Just bookmarked your blog!