Braless in Bandera, Texas, the Cowboy Capital of the World — 8 Comments

    • A chicken car would be awesome. But I want a camel. I could tie it behind my rig when I needed to move between locations. The ultimate gypsy caravan: RV, tow car, camel.

    • Great site, thanks! My posts are a bit behind my travels, but I hope to be back in Hill Country someday soon. It’s lovely there. I spent a little time in Kerrville, where my grandparents used to live. That post is coming soon. I didn’t get to Fredricksburg, but I’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about it.

    • I often blog naked. So yeah, no bra, no problem. As one reader commented on FB, it’s a good way to stay cool in the heat. So true!

  1. Funny post. Thanks for sharing it – I enjoyed spending some time reading through it. Seems that you guys sure had fun there. Anyway, I’ll bookmark this blog to visit again from time to time.