Rockin’ in Rockport, Texas — 7 Comments

    • Ooh, good question. I hadn’t thought of that. My guess is they don’t only because there is no real industry in Rockport, other than fishing.

  1. Love watching the dolphins… hope you took the ferry at Aransas Pass… also little Mexican food restaraunt there that serves stuffed/fried avacado. Amazing stuff! Also, the T head at Corpus just watching the pelicans. They crack me up!

    • I did go over to Port A a couple times. Will post about that, soonish. 🙂 Stuffed/fried avocado?? Is that on Port A or in Rockport? Do you remember the name? I think I need some fried avocado!

    • One would think. I just spent the long weekend in the country – and had great service there, a spot 8 miles from town.

      Rockport? No Verizon love here. We all bitch about it. It’s just somewhat remote with all the water surrounding it.

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