Oddities in Rockport, Texas — 2 Comments

  1. Maybe they should have just called it “Old Tree.”

    Along the lines of the TX bent trees, I’m sure you’ve seen the ones near the beaches in Carmel and Monteray. With their branches all grown in the “blown back” position, they look like they should be in a Tim Burton movie.

    Love the geckos. My parents back yard (in FL) is lousy with them.

    • I have seen the ones along the Carmel and Monterey coast line. I don’t remember them looking like that, though. I’ll be back that way in a few weeks and will check it out.

      Geckos are so cute!! The little green ones with the pink throat were funny. They’d walk about a foot or two along the railing, stop, puff out their pink throat a few times, then continue on and repeat the process.