Cement boats, giant artichokes, old jails, and two-story outhouses. — 15 Comments

    • It’s the best thing I ever did! You have to learn to enjoy the unknown (this took some doing for me, not that I’ve mastered it by any means!). Once you do, it can add an element of excitement to the adventure!

    • Thank you for the Texas welcome! I do love it! Hill Country is beautiful, but the coast??? O.M.G. I think it just might be a tie with Monterey. Today I saw a Blue Heron Catch an 8″ fish and eat it not 20 feet from me!

    • I have to agree – it is damn expensive! Until I started my great RV Roll-about, I had no idea how much so! Gas, housing, food – all cheaper. Of course, I have yet to make it to the east coast where I hear the prices are much like California’s.

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