Why parents eat their young — 4 Comments

  1. Two lessons:
    1. They probably thought that was some kind of California hippy fad.
    2. Women over-estimate the aesthetic importance of shoes.

    • You are probably absolutely correct on number 1. Many Texans do consider Californians to be from a different planet.

      But, my fellow blogging friend, you’re incorrect on number 2. It’s men who underestimate the importance of shoes. Speaking for myself, when I’m checking out a man, I definitely look at his shoes. Not to evaluate from a financial point of view, but the right shoes can be sexy on a man! I like masculine-looking shoes, cowboy boots, or brown leather flip flops. Tevas are not hot, in my humble opinion. 🙂

  2. Eating young… I once read about a frog that eats its young. No, not Bull Frogs, though I think they do too. I am talking about a unique adaptation to harsh conditions. Sorry, I don’t recall where.. The deal is the tadpoles eat algae and the adults are carnivorous. But there is very little carne for them to eat. So- the young eat algae, the adults eat the young, lay eggs, lather/rinse/repeat. It works for them. For the adults I mean. No one has determined how the young feel about it.