Online Dating: The Hunter-Gatherer Principle — 10 Comments

    • Hello, Ms. Tuna! Say, does the Big Tuna have a similarly-built brother? And would that brother be single and like vivacious, yet quirky, blonds? Oh, no reason, just curious.

  1. ” We don’t have a name for her preference, but she doesn’t have a blog so it doesn’t matter.” Lol.. love the sisterly love.

    I’m of the opinion that men these days are exceedingly lazy when it comes to courtship and online dating has exaggerated this even more.

    As a 30 something year old female, I’ve been dipping my feet into the online dating pool and have had similar experiences with poor grammar and a general lack of common courtesy.

    With that said, I can confidently declare… It’s not YOU, it’s THEM!

    • I’m noticing that “lazy” trend, too. I’ve since heard from a few other men, and all seem to just want to keep writing without taking the next step. I was really hoping this was a fluke that would soon end. My interest level is quickly waning.

      And so few seem actually interested in me — they don’t ask me any questions. What’s up with that? I have a male friends, some with whom there might be a mutual attraction, and they ask me questions, and we have a TWO-SIDED conversation.

      Pye communicates better than some of these doofs online.

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  3. Sounds like you want a guy who goes after what he wants. Be specific about how you like guys who go for what they want. If they don’t fight for you now will they after you are married? I think not

  4. You know what you want so tell them. The lazy ones will still go for the one night stands and the good one will make an effort

    • Have you seen my profile? It’s a small novel. LOL (It’s in one of these posts, somewhere near the beginning of the Online Dating Chronicles.)

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