Ten Things: Ten More Reasons Dating REALLY Sucks — 14 Comments

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  3. Many reasons why I’ve stayed married so long. Not that he’s so amazing, that I couldn’t face the date and mate scene.

    • An excellent reason to stay married, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” A part of me still misses the devil/guy from 4-8.

  4. Sounds like you’re going to have to incorporate a polygraph test into your dating rituals…

    On behalf of my gender, I apologize for your experiences with these douchenozzles.

    • Oooh, now where does one get a polygraph machine? I’d also like to require Dr. Amen’s $3,000 brain scan and evaluation. If you know of any low-budget ways to detect the liars, I’d love to hear them.

      On behalf of my gender, I accept your apology. Thank you. 🙂

  5. The guy in the pic is at the gym 18 hours a day and drinking protein shakes the rest of the time. He lives off his looks and is looking for a trophy wife with a good job.

    • So you’re saying he possibly doesn’t have time for some sexy time? That would be a shame. I don’t have the job thing covered, but I think I could make a good trophy wife for an older guy (this hotty is too close to my age *sigh*). Although, if he looks like that, regular sexy time would be a requirement.

  6. Wow. Your experiences are similar to mine…except mine are women! I’ve been in Dallas, Texas the last 2 years and the dating has been awful. I never had a problem in California but maybe it would be different now…who the F* knows! 🙂 everyone lies it seems (like you said). The women here all want the scholarship. No thanks! I might just get an RV myself and pack it in!

    • Hi Kenneth, Welcome! Sorry to hear your experiences have been similar, but I feel better knowing I’m not the only one!

      All my exes live in California… my experiences weren’t much different there.

      I highly recommend RVing. Alas, I fear it will do little to change the dating dilemma… I’ve been in Texas for six months (now in Hill Country for the time being), and still only the married or recently separated ones seem interested in dating.

  7. 10 reasons, from just 2 guys, and part of you still misses devil guy. Hmmmmmmm. Not going into psycho – analysis but keep looking. We (semi-normal/decent guys) are out there. Somewhere. . .

    • I’m too shell-shocked to look for a while. Guy 4 to 8 was lots of fun to hang out with, one of the few people I’ve met who enjoyed all the same things I did. That’s rare in my experience. But someday I will be more open to dating again.

  8. Dating sucks. I dated a lot and then when I decided I didn’t care anymore I met my now wife. Funny how that happens. Dating does suck though. I once went on a date and got my car towed because she thought I shouldn’t pay for parking…who pays for parking she says…so instead of paying $18 to park it cost me $495 to get my car back. We never went out again. Instead I went out with her friend who not only took us to get my car but brought her checkbook just in case I didn’t have any money one me. Sweet girl but kind of crazy, lol.

    • I may never date again. It’s just too much hassle. Like that gal you mentioned above, thoughtful (single!) men are also hard to find, but the crazy ones are everywhere.