A big shrimp at the Aransas Pass Shrimporee — 10 Comments

    • Never quite thought of eating them like that. Is that a cat thing? They’re tasty when battered and rolled in coconut and then dipped in a marmalade-chili sauce. Mmmmm!

    • Ooooh, hot tub! I haven’t seen a (working) one in probably six months? Maybe longer? I’d sit in any kind right now, even one with hot sauce in it! Except that gross hot springs in Slab City (that’d be the one with the dead bodies).

  1. I can relate to the unfairness when something is sexy for a famous person and not for me. It’s like when Sting sings “I’ll be watching you. . .” it’s considered romantic. If I sing it, I’m facing a stalking charge.

    • If that was easy to make, I’d eat it all the time! Hey, maybe you should put a funnel cake recipe on your blog?!