Drinking and Smoking: My Childhood Memories — 9 Comments

  1. Oh man… Your teenage years sound like mine! Wish I had known ya back then. We woulda hit it off goood! I could waste time with the best of em’ ! lol

  2. Loved the story of your childhood. I had a foot in both worlds. I was a latch key kid with a strict Mother who had too many kids and no help so she had no time to care what we did. In famous Irish tradition if she didn’t know or acknowledge it, it wasn’t happening. The only thing that brought retribution…if the police got involved or she heard from a third party about it…then all bets were off.
    .-= Jenn´s last blog ..The Side Effects of Living =-.

  3. Todd: It wouldn’t surprise me to find we had met when we were younger. I hung out with a lot of people, and don’t remember most of it! LOL Heck, I don’t even remember what I had for breakfast!

    Wicked: Yes, ‘right’. Right? Ok, I’ve wondered that, too. What if ….? I might be married to a rich and famous guy right now, writing this from our private beach on some tropical island. Right?

    Jenn: My father is Irish, too. I guess that’s the Irish parenting style! LOL Except with my dad, third party squealers and police issue were still no big deal. My mom is the strict and conservative one, although she’s not Irish.

    Amy: Funny, or neglectful…. could go either way. LOL My sister and I are amazed we survived fairly unscathed. But too sheltered of a life wouldn’t have been any better. Somewhere in the middle, though, and I might be married to the rich guy and writing this from our private beach on the tropical island. Yup, that coulda happened. Totally.

    • Thanks Ross! I love the picture you attached! I take it you were a smoker, too? That was really hard for me to give up. I still get cravings.

      Pete – This, from a chain smoker. 🙂 I think I was still smoking them when we met. Writing this post brought back memories – and cravings for a clove. *sigh* That’s one craving that never seems to go away.

  4. I told myself i would quit, then i remembered what my grandmother told me I am NO QUITTER!!!