18 With A Fake ID — 10 Comments

    • Wicked: I know! I would have been rich by now. I was probably too busy drinking to think of it. C’est la vie. I wonder how many other awesome things I thought of and don’t even remember? LOL

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  2. WOW… I have a feeling we probably partied together at some point back then. I grew up in LG and I drank in all those bars. I cruised Main and all that. How about midnight movies at the LG theater? Did you do that too? Song Remains the same? We snuck cases of beer in the side door. Again, wow!!! Flaaaaashbaaaack…..;)

  3. Todd: LOL Someone else just asked me the same thing about the LG theater after he read this post. I’d bet money you and he partied together for sure!! (I’ll PM you his name.)

    Sadly, I don’t remember the LG theater or midnight movies at all. I may not have lived in the area when it was popular. The above story is from the mid 80’s. Before that I went to midnight movies at a theater in Santa Cruz. We saw Rocky Horror picture show many times.

  4. Vapid: When you do, you have to tell me how the bartender reacts!

    Jeff: Great use of ‘hella’! LOL I don’t know, it’s been quite a while and I’ll be the bartenders at Pedro’s are all different. If you try it, let me know!