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Editor’s note: As the title might indicate, this post if full of randomness. Why? Because my mind is too full of the useless crap I “have to get done” to think of something funny and entertaining to write. But I wanted you all to know I’m still here, and would rather be blogging.

Hi, Kernuties! I’m still here, after a brief visit to Northern California for Thanksgiving, where Austin and San Francisco TSA did not feel me up anything like the South Dakota TSA did. I’d rather be blogging than meeting other deadlines, cleaning the house, paying bills, hunting for a good-paying job with nice people, and looking for a fun Park Host job at the coast for the winter.

Ok, so now that you know I’m still here and would rather be blogging, let’s get on with the interesting stuff randomness…

Texas Weather and Bipolar Kitty Update

It’s hella* cold in Texas Hill Country! It was 28 degrees today at 10:30 a.m. Some of you may remember I went to South Dakota in April, during their biggest storm in 20 years. And it wasn’t this cold.

It’s so cold, Bipolar Pye has snuggled with me all night (something I’ve wished for since she was a kitten) for the past couple nights. I don’t think she’s peed in the house… yet. It will be cold for another couple nights, so she still has time.

I let her out yesterday afternoon for a few minutes “to pee”. I looked out the window after about 10 minutes to see her huddled under the picnic table, looking miserable. I caved and let her back in. (Big shock there.) But, to my great surprise, she came in and immediately went to the litter box.


She will pee in the litter box unless she’s mad about something I can’t figure out, but hasn’t pooed in it in months. That, at least, she always does outside. Thank Goodness for small favors.

It’s now early afternoon and she’s snuggled in my lap while I write this. She only loves me when it’s cold out.

I know many of you have it much worse, like anyone north of central Texas and my daily visitor from Yukon, Oklahoma. (I don’t know anything other than your city, but thanks for checking in every day! I’m assuming there is only one reader from Yukon because I can’t imagine having so many readers as to have two from the same small town. By the way, what is dating like in Yukon, OK?)

(*For those of you not from Northern California, “hella” or “hecka” is Nor Cal-speak for “very”. It can be used even if you’re not a surfer who says “Dude”.)

Dating in Small-town Texas

Two words: It sucks.

I’ve been is the same general location, Cow-Chicken-Oil Town, for over a year now. The population is less than 10,000. (I’m not being specific because I’m – apparently – still young enough to attract the creepy/angry/weird stalker types.)

Dating in a small Cow-Chicken-Oil Town sucks. Period.

Most of the men here (and there are many more than women because of the oil boom) are married. Most of the single ones seem to have a substance abuse problem.

There is one man who is cute, in my preferred age range, and seems to lack any substance abuse problems, but he has a girlfriend.

Choose wisely because should that one guy you dated turn out not to be The One, you’re pretty much stuck in Singlesville. In a small town everyone knows you two dated. They may still think you’re dating – no matter how much you want to make sure the whole town knows you’re not.

If that wasn’t bad enough, everyone is related to everyone else. Dating another person in the same town may be perceived as incestuous.

The only option is to date out of town.

This, dear Kernutties, has lead me to contemplate joining Match.com again or Date A Cowboy (yup, that’s a real site). I haven’t done it yet, and I may not, but I’ve been checking out the candidates on both sites.

If you’re a long-time reader (thank you!), you know that Match thing didn’t go well for me. If I do try it again, I’m going to post a bad photo of myself and see if that improves the responses. You know, fewer responses that are asking me for a “hookup” and maybe more who actually read what I write there.

Meanwhile, I’ll be sleeping with the Biploar Kitty. At least until the weather warms up and she wants to go back outside.



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  1. I had good luck on plentyoffish.com. We have been very happy for several years now. Tried match and others, but plenty of fish is a bit different: easier to sift through them, if you ‘ban’ someone they will not know, once you decide you don’t like the looks of someone they don’t appear again. Give it a try. And good luck.

    • Thanks, Terri! I’ve heard several stories like yours: Happily married folks who met their significant other through an online dating site. I will try it again, I’m just working up the nerve. I’ll look into plentyoffish. I kinda like the looks of the cowboys on DateACowboy.com. Hmmm, maybe I’ve always been a Texan at heart 🙂

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