Because my bipolar cat told me to. — 9 Comments

  1. lol, talking to your animal (cat or otherwise) doesn’t make you crazy or bipolar, besides being bipolar isn’t about talking to your pets, you ought to see me and squeek, she meows, I answer, we have full length conversations in the morning about how she doesn’t need to go out yet, she knows where her food bowl is, (it hasn’t moved in 3 months) she’ll sit down between my feet and just stare up at me like she knows what I am talking about…lol..

    • I miss my conversations with Checkers. I know she understood most of what I said, and I understood a lot of what she said. Pye just gets upset if I don’t understand, or she doesn’t get her way… and then the biting and peeing start. She definitely has a “catitude”.

    • I had a friend from Mustang, OK who (now lives in TX and) owns a Bichon. Mollie bounces All. The. Time. It’s her method of getting from one place to the other.

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