We Say ‘Dude’ In These Here Parts — 21 Comments

  1. Ha. I grew up in California (during the valley girl era of the mid 80’s) I moved to Minnesota for High School – Dude, that really messed with my head. Teachers in Minnesota did not appreciate being referred to as Dude. The biggest issue was soda. In Minnesota they say “pop.” At lunch I asked “Is there somewhere I can get a soda” Everyone at the table turned, and one kid looks at me and says “You want club soda?”

  2. So, of course I own y’all, goes without saying. Other than that, I totally stray from the local colloquialisms, well, because they make you sound like an uneducated monkey. Kentucky shouldn’t be indigenous to monkeys, however, the further you stray from Louisville, Lexington or Bowling Green, the more you realize it actually is, in fact, populated by semi-trained monkeys and Manbeasts. Le’sigh.
    .-= Wicked Shawn´s last blog ..I’ve Never Shot A Moose, But If Bullwinkle Really Pisses Me Off…. =-.

  3. OMG! The last person I heard use the term Dude was in the early 80s — a complete idiot — university prof, of course (in eastern Washington state). He used both “Dude” and “Dude-ess” and thought he was hilarious. Ah yes, brings back memories (bad ones)!

  4. Patty: I was born on the east coast, and my parents are both ex-New Yorkers. I know all about ‘takin’ the daaawg for a waaak’. The ‘you’s’ do sound so “Sopranos” to me! LOL I love your recent post, by the way! Very funny, and insightful.

    Sue: I forgot about pop vs. soda! There’s another one I still get called on: swap meet vs. flea market.

    Jeff: You’re welcome. 🙂

    Alone: America is weird, and awesome in its weirdness. I’ve used it as an exclamation and in describing someone, ‘That dude is amazing!’ That’s the one that caught my friend off guard.

    Jeane: Ah, yes… ‘awesome’ is another of my favorites! And using ‘like’ in sentences where it doesn’t need to be! LOL I do that like a lot. 🙂

    Wicked: OMG – that must be where the saying ‘freeze the balls off a brass monkey comes from’! LOL

    M: Here I’ve heard people use “Dudette” when referring to a female. I’m sure you must have heard me use dude – I say it way (there’s another one! LOL) too much.

  5. No, I don’t recall your ever saying Dude — maybe I’ve just blocked it! Noooo!

  6. I use y’all because it seems to fit so well when referring to a group. I picked it up when I went to tech school at NAS Memphis when I was in the Navy. In my wilder days when I got a bit “happy” my accent would change from a Californian to Southern. It got thicker the “happier” I got. I had shipmates who thought I was from the south. I guess they only saw me “happy”!

  7. I still occasionally say things like dude, gnarly, rad, bitchin’. I know it dates me, and it’s stupidly out of place in Montana, but I like the irony.

  8. John: When you say ‘they only saw me ‘happy” do you mean drunk or horny? 😉 When my parents get angry they’re “New Yorker” comes out.

    Penny: Since writing this, and spending more time with my friend from Meeneesoota, I’m continually finding more and more phrases in my speech, all apparently specific to Cali. For instance when describing the coastal weather yesterday I kept saying “socked in”… He finally asked what it meant. I thought that one was national.

  9. Dude!!! Bro is back. I’ve even been hearing kids say it lately.
    I’m about as Californian as it gets, ‘cept I don’t surf. lol
    That’s all I have to say about that.
    Later Dudes!! (and Dudettes)

  10. “Socked in” — that’s funny. Yeah, that’s gotta be a coastal thing.

  11. Todd: ‘Bro’ is back? huh. I don’t surf either. My sister does it for both of us.

    “Penny”: Oh no. I really thought that was national. Here are a couple more: boardwalk vs. pier (or wharf), outhouse vs. porta-potty.

    • Dru – Oh no, from England to Texas? I can see how that would be a bit of a culture shock. California would be the same… probably worse. We’re heavy into the “My bad” (although that one is fading out along with bro) and the “I know, right?”. That one is still in heavy use.

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  13. Dude, this post is freek’n rad! I am so screwed because I still use a lot of those words/ phrases.
    Funny thing is I pick up slang from my friends that are of other ethnicities and cultures. Once at a poker game I said “Oooh, that’s gravy baby,” and my African American friend was like “Jeff, is you black?” LOL
    And a friend of mine from Minn would say stuff like “smokin’s for sucks (suckers I guess)”. Back then he’d always ask if I had Bushmills and water or want to make Brass monkeys (captains and vodka and sprite) lol!
    Anyways, totally sweeeet post! You rock!

    • Duuude, you rock! 😉 You used “like” just like a “Valley” would. hehehe

      Just yesterday when I was writing a post, I used a local colloquialism (can’t remember which), and wondered what my foreign readers would think of it, if they would understand the usage.

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