Tales From the Office: The Spider is Getting Some, and Breaking Bad Blue — 7 Comments

  1. Reader Paul asked, “What’s the spiders name?”

    My reply, “Good question. I’m sure it has one; I can’t remember it. But, since we are talking about the spider’s intimate personal life, I will have to come up with an appropriate secret name for the little guy. Maybe I’ll call him “Nine Legs”…”

    Bonus points to the first one who deciphers the meaning.

  2. The next line is a toss-up between “step, step, ouch!” And “mmmmm, boobies” in the voice of Homer Simpson.

    Your choice.

    • A sad, but true observation, Fables. Spiders getting matched, Manson getting married. What is the world coming to that *we’re* not? The holidays feel like singles awareness season to me. *sigh*

      You should come to Texas for the holidays. Really, come on down out of that cold and I’ll show you around the Texas countryside. It’s a nice place to “winter”. Bring the Can Can, I’ll tell you where to find the good parks! The one I’m at now is rather nice.

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