Pimpin Out Spiders — 10 Comments

  1. Love this edition of your blog! Who would have ever guessed there was a market for breeding spiders!

    • Crazy, right?! It makes me wonder what other things like spider prostitution I don’t know about.

      I need to ask Spiderman about this spider prostitution network. He didn’t seem to have any difficulty finding his spider a one night stand which makes me think the network must be rather significant. So many years on this planet and I’m only NOW hearing about this. Why hasn’t someone made a movie??

  2. *Grin! D. Jo here is on to something. I bet there is a whole new market here. I’ve seen horrid yelpie Chihuahua dogs in cute little outfits, I’m no fan of a pet spider, but I’d take it over one of those yelp monsters anyday.
    So where is the tiny homemade cute outfits on Etsy for these buggers?

    • You’ve just given me a great idea, TravelFables! I’m going to get rich selling little spider outfits! And I’ll start selling kits to pimp out their cages!
      (oh, God. What am I saying? Somebody stop me.)

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