Tales From the RV Park: Peeing In My Yard — 14 Comments

    • I still have a few words, Coop, but, even though this isn’t a family blog (any more than that park was a ‘family’ park), I shall reserve them for another post. My friends at the peeing park are keeping me posted on the shenanigans of the crack-addict pee-ers. And my friends there are ALL looking for new parks in which to move.

  1. I think you did the right thing. Without the backing of the park, your only recourse is to play their game. And I have no doubt they would play a far dirtier game than you would stoop to.

    At least they’re not your problem any more.

    • You are quite correct, Bluz! Those folks do play a dirty game! They’re saying nasty things about me all over the park. That surprised me almost as much as their attitude about the pee-ers. I didn’t do anything to them?

  2. Yikes! Glad you moved. I doubt if the park owners will be singing the same tune once the crazies trash their park!

    • The crazies are already tearing the place up and pissing off the good folks who still live there! Everyone is so upset!

  3. You showed much greater restraint then I would have. In Philadelphia, where I grew up, most of us learn how to box!
    Glad it ended well without further complications. It is a shame you did not have a small electrified fence near you door! LOL Keep up the good work. Good health and God bless.


    • Welcome to my little spot on the web, Al! Nice photos on your site!

      If things had continued, I would’ve gone Wild West on them!
      Ya, I am considering the electric fence. I don’t care for folks in my yard unless I’ve invited them.
      Blessings and safe travels to you!

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    • It’s so gross to think I probably walked through it. When I tell people I saw the WOMAN peeing, they are shocked. Hey, I’ve peed in the bushes/woods in a emergency, but NEVER is someone’s yard.

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