Looking For a Common Law Husband — 18 Comments

  1. i seem to have missed the part where you explain why you won’t marry the hot, cal/Texan friend who has already agreed to marry you? Other than insurance is expensive?

    • My hot Cal-Teaxn friend and I are not an “item”. In fact, we’ve both been in Texas for over two years and haven’t seen each other since we both lived in California. The point of my post is my need for insurance… which is how/why the common law marriage came up. I have several friends who’ve done that for other friends, even going through traditional marriage in California (before Domestic Partnership was an option).

  2. Have you considered seeing if you qualify for aid? they might be able to help. Only problem with common law I believe they are as bad as a registered marriage for getting rid of them..rofl.

    • I did read that a traditional divorce is required to dissolve a common law marriage. But I spoke with someone last night who said it wasn’t necessary, unless you owned property or had kids together. Yes, I do qualify for some aid, but Texas doesn’t offer Medicare for anyone without a dependent at home, a disability, or under 65. The ObummerCare subsidy doesn’t cut it.

  3. I put my girlfriend on mine. We became domestic partners, we have only lived together a few months.

    • Yay, Gary! Gotta love California for Domestic Partnerships! A lot like Common Law marriage, I assume, but without the requirement regarding opposite genders.

  4. Some fascinating reading on working with the crazy dance of the Obamacare monster can be found at this link.
    Some posts suggest you can tweak the math a little , since the subsidy is based on estimated 2015 MAGI (not AGI).
    Contributions to traditional IRAs, and even Health Insurance Savings account can effect your subsidy levels (because MAGI).
    Also choosing a higher plan can effect some co pays in positive ways when at certain income levels.

    Anyway, sorry for your heath worries,


  5. Sorry to hear about your troubles…Why the hell are you still in that butthole of the country? You might feel better if you get out of that stink’n desolate butthole. Just sayin.

    • Hi Scooter, I’m here because I don’t see Texas like that… I like the country, and Texas in general. Moving won’t change what’s going on. I really like the area I’m at now, and I work a short drive away. I think you should give Texas another shot. Heck, gas is straddling $2 per gallon! Can’t beat that in California!

  6. No thank you. I drove 700 extra miles so that I didn’t have to drive through Texas to get to FL. If you lived in another state the Affordable Care Act might actually be affordable. By the way, you can thank your right wing buddies in congress for dismantling the Affordable Care Act to the bastardized version it is today…AND they keep trying to dismantle it without having anything else to offer. Good luck.

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