The Gruesome Death of A Fly — 8 Comments

  1. I love this because it is so twisted and Holy Crap, I want you to make a video of a fly piloting your paper airplane, but you need to put a little J-lo in there as a passenger and let her throw tiny fits at the stewardess that will either be the guy who called some one a mother fucker or the other guy who gave the baby some valium.

    • LOL I need to make that video! But can we just throw J-Lo out of the window? We can give her a parachute if we have to.

  2. Ok, this is a new one even for me.

    Flies have been in my life recently. We had something die in the walls and one day I came home to about 100 flies in my house. Nasty beyond words! Well I went ballistic with the newspaper roll, and my boys went out and bought a fly gun. Yes, there is such a thing. It shoots a round, fly swatter type object. It’s kind of fun. Of course they also shoot their dart guns at the flies too. They have a rubber tip that sticks to windows, etc.

    Anyway, the flies are gone, but I hate those gross little buggers.

    FYI: You might enjoy the podcast or minicast we do. It’s on itunes. Especially the “No Fly Zone.”

    Enjoy the weekend.

    • Eeeew! That reminds me of the last time my father remodeled his house. the plumber FORGOT to cap the sewer line. No one knows this, we smell nothing. Two months go by, and the house starts to fill with small drain flies (aka sewer flies). At first just five a day, sometimes we’d catch them coming out of the sink drains. Everyday they would be sucked up in the vacuum, but we couldn’t find out where they were coming from. There were about 100 a day and my dad was pissed. He finally crawls under the house and finds a river of toilet water (nope, not the perfume kind) flowing under the house. Needless to say, the contractor got an earful. It took a massive cleanup effort and fumigating, but the flies are gone.

      Thanks, I’ll check out the podcast. Hope you had a good weekend, too!

  3. Fly. Duck. Opossum. (Or is duck “higher”?) Karma. That’s what I am talking about! You and Wicked Shawn can start a Fly Circus. LOL