Greeting Cards for The Zombie Apocalypse — 12 Comments

  1. thank you your writing style is amazing. just found your site on yahoo. come back later for sure 🙂

    • Thanks Patty 🙂 I’m having a great time making new stuff. My drawing skills are improving, too. hahaha Not hard to do as they had a loooong way to go!

    • Thank you Wicked One! Coming up with new designs is a lot of fun. Now I just need to sell something! Actually, about 250 items a day should do it. ahahaaaa *fingers crossed*

  2. LOL. Great idea!

    I cannot believe the class is real. Brilliant marketing mind. So are you going to attend??!! You should go “undercover” and write a post!

    • I’d love to go, but probably won’t. I keep taking on more projects and am just swamped right now. But those guys seem like a fun bunch!

  3. I’m always amazed at how Zombies have a mass market. Survival guides, classes and even romance guides. It’s good that these areas are being branched out into 😉
    Jenn’s last post ..A Walk In The Woods

    • And now greeting cards! I’m also amazed at the amount of zombie products available… we seem to be just about ready for the apocalypse! 🙂