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Holiday Letter From Da Kitteh — 8 Comments

  1. We love the holiday letter from Pye (also known as Da Kitteh). We’re still freezing here in the southern Utah desert, but at least the pipes haven’t frozen again!

    • Pye sez, “Teh cold iz teribl. Was nice an suny haer today aftr sum small hailz. U shuld come fer da visitz sumtime!”

  2. I was gonna let you and kernut know that it was nice and warm here in Williamsburg, but it went from a high in the upper 70s Sunday to a low of 28 last night. So… Never mind. Might as well stay put and save gas

    Merry Christmas to you and your “owner”. Wink-wink.

    • Tank u, Andy! I preshiate da invit, but Iz dun like teh coldz or when teh RV howse moovs. We wil visit u sumday when itz warmz an suny! Meowy Catmas!

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