Tales From the RV Park: Holy Haters Batman! — 18 Comments

  1. It has been my experience over the last 44 years when you come across those kind of people, THEY ARE NOT BORN TEXANS, they immigrated to TEXAS. just sayin my experience’s.

    • That’s an excellent point, Joe. I’m not sure where all came from, but I do know that a few of them are NOT born Texans. Thanks for the insight! But even so, you’d think SOME Texas love would’ve rubbed off on them by now. It certainly did for me to the extent that I now notice the apathetic or passive-aggressive customer service reps and sales people – and they remind me of experiences in California. LOL

    • Thanks, Magee. I’m feeling much better after getting away for a few days, and focusing on the good things that are in my life, and those that are coming.

  2. Knowing you as I do, those must have been some really SICK people. And it sounds like their sickness is contagious. Good for you in catching what was going on. Gee, and some were church folk, eh? I was just talking to some people about those whose behavior is diametrically opposed to such things as their ‘piety’. If they profess to be church folk, what has happened to their spiritual love and tolerance. Again, these are sick people, sick in their spirits. Go find some of our people, Sweetie.

    • Hi Dennis!
      The five who complained above and beyond were ALL from the church! I had expected – and planned for – disruption from some program newcomers. The newcomers were among the best behaved!! Never could I have imagined the worst of the worst would be two little old ladies! One was so bad had she come back I was ready to ask her to leave if she disrupted the class again. Thankfully, she did not return.

      That’s so funny, I just had a similar conversation with a neighbor about some “Holier Than Thou” behavior we’ve witnessed at the park: A bible thumper who thinks nothing of lying, not paying bills, going back on their word or contract.

      The reason for going to Bastrop was to find some of our people, a very friendly, welcoming group to a degree I haven’t seen since the Bay Area “our people”.
      Love and miss you!

  3. Just like positive thoughts bring positive outcomes, negative thoughts bring negative ones. These older folks have apparently lived a full lifetime of negativity and are showing the affects. When faced with negativity, it is human nature to react in the same way. It feeds on itself. It’s recursive and destructive.

    You should have compassion for them and pity for the lives that they must lead when outside your view. Sure, they pissed you off, but don’t let them drag you into their spiral of negativity.

    Hopefully your rant cleared you and you can let it go. I also know that it is easier to talk about than do…

    • Of course I have compassion, but this post was a rant. I hadn’t planned on writing about it, but when I was recounting the story to someone a couple weeks ago, he was laughing out loud, and (not even aware of this blog) said I should write about this. So we have John A. to thank for this bit of humor.

      Nah, the rant wasn’t a way to clear myself. Going to Bastrop for the weekend and hanging out with good people was what did it, as I expected it would. The purpose of the rant, if there was one, was to give you all a good laugh while showing how I got myself out of that head space.

    • LOL, Bluz! You’re too nice to be there! PA is full of good people, some of whom are transplants. Do you ever think of going back?

      I thought of you when I heard some recent news stories. As much as I wanted to, I don’t think I’ll be visiting the cool courthouse in Baltimore. Besides, I think they’re going to be busy for a while.

      But you should really get an RV and get out of there… come to Texas! Most folks here are super nice.

  4. Yep, you probably ran into some imports. Can’t believe they didn’t cotton to a friendly sweetie such as yourself. Guess the folks at the Church of Saint Rude just couldn’t keep their monkey minds on a peaceful trail. Meditation is tedious to some, I guess.

    • Hi Jo!
      The funny thing is one of the big complainers ‘trained in India for years and is a daily meditator,’ – her words. Yikes! She kept trying to take over the class, too. At the final session, I almost said to her she should go to the reverend and ask to do a class of her own. The other very vocal one couldn’t figure on anything but her problems.

      It was interesting to see how these two couldn’t do the one thing that I asked of all students at the beginning of each class: Come with a beginner’s mind.

  5. Sorry you have had a negative experience. I know the area. They are primarily transplants from large cities (like Houston). So they are not your typically born-n-raised small-town Texas folk. Just a bunch of big fish in a small pond. It was pretty there, but I don’t miss it – at all. Except for Touristburg, which is quite ‘in-bred’. If your parents weren’t born there, then you’re an outsider.

    • Thanks, Terri. I forgot you lived here! I’m not finding the fellowship here that there is in Bastrop. There are a few friendly folks, but so many fewer than most every other place I’ve been in Texas. Yes, it is pretty here, but I think it’s much prettier where you are!

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