Tales From the New Office: It’s A Zoo and I’m in Quarantine — 10 Comments

  1. rofl.. are you sure this is the job for you? of course the tales from the office might turn out better than tales from the park..

    • Oh Carmen, it sure was starting to look that way, but then someone died at the park – my first week there! He died in his trailer, and it was likely natural causes, but still…

  2. Animal and insect drama is often better than human drama… Of course, we had a lovely little rat nesting in the file cabinet next to my desk last year. Once they unlocked the drawer, the little guy made a break for it and disrupted half the building before disappearing into the cubicle walls. Ah, that was a fun day.

    • Ah, the wilds of Silicon Valley! We had a cute little mouse at G.E. That agile creature would climb the steel table leg to get to the sugar cubes on top of the table/coffee station. It couldn’t take a whole cube so it would just nibble the corners off the ones there. We named it George.

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