Tales From the RV Park and Pye Needs A Pill — 7 Comments

  1. maybe check with her vet about a sedative? while squeek isn’t gang ho about trips she does travel pretty well, got broke in on trips to the vet.

    • A long time ago I got kitty valium for another cat, Buttercup, Checkers older sister. It didn’t seem to help and it made one of her eyes really funny (cloudy like cataracts) for a few days. It freaked me out. It looked fine after a few days, but I threw out the pills.

      Pye is far more stressy than Buttercup ever was. If the pill didn’t work on Buttercup, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t help Psycho Pye either.

  2. Taxidermy, might be an option 😉 .Not for the cat though, but the pig-headed cop for sure, as that way he has to be always pleasant and smiling to everyone. You could install a pull-string voice box, so he always stays something sweet and pleasant. Congrats on your move.

    • I like the idea of taxidermy for Hate-crime, but then someone would still have to look at him. I vote for cremation.
      But I think a lobotomy might be good for Pye. Then her biggest problem would be drool.

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