Arachnophilia in Austin, Texas — 12 Comments

  1. The company was (is) called Hydrex, if memory serves correct. Yeah, fascinated by Black Widows, are you now? Hmmmmmmm

  2. My first car was a Fiat 850 Spider. Probably towable, but (butt?) good luck finding one.

  3. Spiders freak me the heck out! Once my wife sent me a text message with a picture. There were two red cups on the living room floor. The text message read…”I found a huge spider in the living room…it’s under one of these cups…good luck, Godspeed!” No cool yo!

    • Eeew! Not cool to have one in the house, much less in a choice of two cups!! Right after this post a HUGE one was on me. I brushed it into the sink, and then killed it. I was freaked out for a few hours.

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